Using generative ai for candidate selection: improving the recruitment process

Using generative ai for candidate selection: improving the recruitment process

In today’s competitive world, finding the ideal candidate for a specific position can be challenging. Companies are increasingly turning to generative artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize the candidate selection process and enhance the quality of hires. This article explores how generative AI can transform candidate selection, using past successful examples and discussing effective ways to mitigate biases in the selection process.


What is Generative AI?


Generative AI is a branch of artificial intelligence that uses advanced algorithms to create new content, such as texts, images, or data. In the context of recruitment, generative AI can analyze large volumes of resumes (CVs) and compare the information with specific job descriptions to identify the most suitable candidates.

Application of Generative AI in Candidate Selection


Examples of Success in Candidate Selection


Leading companies have implemented generative AI to improve their candidate selection process. For example, Bravent used a generative AI system to analyze CVs of software engineers. Based on past examples of successful employees, the AI could identify patterns in skills, experiences, and achievements that correlated with superior performance in the position. As a result, the company reduced selection time and increased the quality of its hires.

How Generative AI Works in Recruitment

  1. Analysis of Historical Data: The AI analyzes data from previous employees who have been successful in similar positions.
  2. Generation of Ideal Profiles: Using this information, the AI creates ideal candidate profiles.
  3. Comparison of CVs: Applicants’ CVs are compared to the generated profiles to identify the most suitable candidates.
  4. Recommendations: The AI provides a list of recommended candidates based on their likelihood of success in the position.

AI Knowledge Mining

Thanks to the AI Knowledge Mining solution, we can perform semantic searches across a multitude of documents in different formats and languages, including PDFs and images, analyze the content of links found in indexed documents, and even process videos.

This solution allows us to index countless CVs, classify them based on specific parameters, and recommend the most suitable candidates for a specific position based on selected criteria such as years of experience, languages, soft skills, etc., regardless of the resume format. It even allows us to directly process LinkedIn profiles and works independently of the CV’s or recruiter’s language.


Key Features of AI Knowledge Mining


Automatic Web Content Extraction: Ability to perform automatic web scraping to extract relevant information from URLs detected in documents, such as a LinkedIn profile.

Advanced Image Analysis: Incorporation of AI Vision that enables the analysis of both standalone images and those embedded in documents.

Integration with Multimedia Content: Extends functionality to include integration and analysis of video content, enhancing data comprehension and reach. This makes it possible to process video resumes or analyze videos of lectures given by potential candidates.

Custom Features and Integration with Personalized Machine Learning Models: Flexibility to add new features and functionalities, allowing consideration of historical hiring data when selecting the most suitable profile for your company based on the probability of success in the position.

Customization and Performance Optimization: Complete flexibility to adjust parameters and commands, ensuring continuous optimization and high system performance.


 Benefits of AI Knowledge Mining

Increased Productivity: Enables organizations to process and analyse documents with a speed and efficiency that traditional methods cannot match. This frees up valuable time for employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

Instant Access to Key Information: The AI assistant allows users to quickly access the necessary information through natural language commands, simplifying the search among hundreds of candidates and enabling immediate access to key data.


Mitigating Biases in Candidate Selection

One of the biggest challenges in using AI for candidate selection is mitigating biases. Biases can arise from historical data that reflect unconscious prejudices, such as gender, ethnicity, or age. Here are some strategies to mitigate these biases:


Data Anonymization


Anonymization of Sensitive Data: AI can be programmed to ignore or anonymize personal information that could lead to biases, such as names, photos, or any reference to gender, ethnicity, or other characteristics irrelevant to the job. This ensures that decisions are based solely on skills and experience.

Content safety

Using tools to control any content that is potentially offensive, risky, or undesirable through content moderation ML models. It provides customizable templates and workflows that enable users to create their own content moderation systems.

Auditing and Training the AI

  • Regular Audits: Conduct regular audits of the AI system to identify and correct potential biases.
  • Training with Diverse Data: Ensure the AI is trained with a diverse and representative dataset to reduce the risk of biases.


Continuous Evaluation

Continuous Monitoring: Implement a continuous monitoring system to evaluate the effectiveness of the AI system and make adjustments as necessary.

Advantages of Using Generative AI in Candidate Selection

Efficiency: Significant reduction in selection time.

Precision: More accurate identification of suitable candidates.

Bias Reduction: Effective mitigation of unconscious biases.



Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize candidate selection, providing efficiency and precision to the recruitment process. By implementing strategies to mitigate biases, companies can ensure a fair and equitable selection process.

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