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At the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce we have periodic events throughout the year that allow us to address the hottest topics of the moment in different formats and with the best speakers in the sector.


Given the great interest in technology among companies and workers, we organize, in collaboration with leading companies in the sector, informative talks and debates on a regular basis. In these events we develop aspects that help us to better adapt to the current changing situation that forces us to be up to date and in constant learning as far as technology is concerned.


This initiative was born to generate social awareness in which professional capacities and skills prevail, promoting competitiveness and sustainability of companies, as well as access to positions of responsibility with equal opportunities. To this end, we organize a series of periodic events through which it intends to offer tools that enhance the inclusion and promotion of women in the professional.


The High-Impact Talks bring together 2 high-profile individuals to have a relaxed chat on a specific topic of their expertise, interact with the audience in new ways, and share their knowledge with the world. It is a unique type of event in which an atmosphere of trust is generated between the speakers and the audience, thus achieving greater dynamism and interest in the talks.

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European Chambers - Networking events Miami

Every two months we organize a European Business Networking Cocktail (EBNC) together with the rest of the official European chambers in Miami, such as those of Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Ireland. EBNC allow us to join ties with the rest of the European countries, foster personal and business connections, and increase visibility to our members beyond the Spanish and American community.

The Gala is the most emblematic event of the year, commemorating the anniversary of the opening of the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Miami, Florida. In addition, the Ponce de Leon Awards Ceremony takes place at this emblematic gala.


These awards are given by the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Florida since 2011, and have a clear purpose: to honor the trajectory, effort, and achievements of outstanding Spanish companies, initiatives, and executives abroad.