The Altius Adventure: Exploring Spain’s Logistics Landscape with a Smile

The Altius Adventure: Exploring Spain’s Logistics Landscape with a Smile

In a revealing interview, Borja Fernández, Director of Altius Corp, shared the captivating narrative of the company’s foray into the vast United States market.

Focusing on the pivotal role played by the SpainUS Chamber of Commerce, Fernández provided valuable insights into Altius Corp’s journey, offering guidance for aspiring enterprises. Here’s a detailed analysis of the conversation: Guidance for Aspiring Companies: Fernández highlighted Altius Corp’s successful expansion plan, suggesting it as a model for other companies eyeing the American market. He emphasized the importance of forging alliances with established entities like the SpainUS Chamber of Commerce in Miami. Through these collaborations, Altius Corp gained access to valuable insights and connections within the US market landscape.


Overcoming Challenges: Altius Corp faced numerous challenges during its international expansion, including bureaucratic obstacles and logistical complexities. Fernández acknowledged these difficulties and credited the SpainUS Chamber of Commerce for providing crucial support. However, he highlighted a particular challenge at the outset: the difficulty in recruiting suitable personnel for the company in a new market. The guidance, connections, and resources of the Chamber were instrumental in overcoming these obstacles and guiding Altius Corp to success.


Empowerment through Collaboration: Fernández emphasized the Chamber’s impact in fostering a culture of empowerment and collaboration among its members. Through networking events and knowledge-sharing initiatives, the Chamber provided Altius Corp with opportunities to strengthen its presence in the US market and establish lasting relationships with other companies. Introducing Altius Corp: Fernández offered an insight into Altius Corp, a subsidiary of the Avila Group, with over a century of industry experience. Altius Corp specializes in international import-export operations and customs clearance services, offering comprehensive transportation solutions including maritime, air, and land freight services. With its expertise, Altius Corp stands as a reliable ally for companies navigating the global trade landscape.


A Call to Collaboration: Fernández concluded the interview with an invitation for companies to leverage Altius Corp’s experience and support in their quest for success in the American market. With a commitment to collaborative growth, Altius Corp aims to empower companies, especially Spanish enterprises, in achieving their goals in the United States. In summary, Altius Corp’s journey serves as a testament to the power of strategic alliances.

Through its collaboration with the SpainUS Chamber of Commerce, Altius Corp paves the way for companies, guiding them towards prosperity in the vast American market.

Jesús Martínez
Jesús Martínez


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