Empowering Sustainable Driving: Navigating the Electric Vehicle Charging Landscape in Florida

Empowering Sustainable Driving: Navigating the Electric Vehicle Charging Landscape in Florida

The Sunshine State, Florida, is known for its beautiful beaches and tropical climate and is also emerging as a significant player in electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle sustainable driving. 


As the global shift towards sustainable transportation gains momentum, understanding the current status of EV charging infrastructure in Florida, both in residential and commercial sectors, becomes crucial.

Florida acknowledges the increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs), ranking second in the nation for EV registrations, according to the US Department of Energy data in June 2022.


State EV Registration


State EV Registration. [/caption]


Challenges and Solutions in the EV Charging Market

The challenges in the market no longer revolve solely around growth but are primarily centered on services


“The challenge is no longer installing and operating EV chargers but providing a high-quality service. Many charging stations are poorly located, some are non-functional, and others are consistently busy, rendering them inaccessible. The true challenge lies in overcoming these difficulties and adjusting to the needs of our clients with the right operational model,”


EV charging ownership model

EV charging ownership model.



The Ownership Model

Under the ownership model, which is a comprehensive way to operate EV charging stations, you completely control the charging station’s acquisition and management through the EV charging operator’s platform. With this arrangement, you have complete control over all busines
s decisions about the charger.

Within this model, you can regulate access, apply an idle fee, and establish the charge rate. Easy administration of your EV charging operator depends on its IT platform, and the best way to ensure a smooth operation is if the firm that provides your charging station is also the one that built the software.



Whether you decide to follow the Ownership Model or the Vending Machine Model, the software governs how efficiently and effectively your charging station operates. Some key features to look for include in-house software development, a charging station app for users, dynamic pricing, remote monitoring, a revenue management system, and dynamic charging.




Whether you are a business owner looking to optimize return on investment or a property owner seeking the right operational model for your charging station, this will be your chance to join the webinar collaboration with CityVitae and have a better understanding of the developments in electric vehicle (EV) industry. Register here.

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