Extended Reality for companies: New Trends for 2024

Extended Reality for companies: New Trends for 2024

Extended Reality has revolutionized multiple sectors, offering a wide variety of applications that transform the way we learn, work, travel, shop, connect with brands, consume entertainment content and even take care of ourselves. From education to medicine, tourism, commerce and marketing, these immersive technologies have opened up a range of possibilities that have changed the way we interact with the world.

Before delving into their applications and learning about success cases in different sectors, it is important to refresh the basic concept of Extended Reality. This technological concept refers to all those innovative solutions that combine the characteristics of each of the immersive realities (AR/VR/MR), including their integration with Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Spatial Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). With the clear objective of generating a new relationship with customers, more natural, closer, differentiating and creative, more humanized, allowing brands to create new and surprising user experiences.

Tourism: digital memberships and virtual tourism

One of the sectors in which, undoubtedly, living unique experiences is the base of the business, is tourism. Today, we are witnessing the birth of a new tendency in the sector: virtual tourism. A trend capable of extending the traveler’s experience beyond their stay and trip, revolutionizing the before, during and after.

Empowering the “try before you buy“, projecting how that trip will be, visiting places of the past, customizing virtual guides with Artificial Intelligence. Or even empowering the brand’s online community through revolutionary new loyalty programs and digital memberships. With spaces where one can share their travel experiences, continue to enjoy VR activities and where to build loyalty through exclusive content, discounts and unlocking new interactive experiences.

Web spaces that foster the community of users such as Exclusiverse, the virtual world of Exclusive Traveler Club where its more than 80,000 members from all over the world have a platform where they can connect with other members, attend club events and discover all the news about their memberships.

Education: learning by doing trend

Extended Reality means that, more than ever, we are applying the learning by doing tendency, turning the way we are used to learning upside down. The immersion offered by these technologies opens up a new range of educational experiences that facilitate knowledge retention and increase student interest.

Instead of only seeing photographs, it is now possible to show three-dimensional models of outer space, parts of the body, or even historical moments as if they were in the classroom itself. These technologies also break down the barriers of distance, making it possible to attend first-person training courses anywhere on the planet through Virtual Reality. As in the KAI XR educational platform, where children can live immersive experiences dedicated to science, technology, sports… The latest in educational innovation.

Marketing and advertising: phygital, engagement and gamification

In the constant search for innovation in the world of marketing and advertising, XR technology emerges as a powerful tool to revolutionize the interaction with users/customers. Every day more brands are betting on experiential marketing and the creation of more immersive, interactive and differential campaigns.

Currently, Extended Reality is a key technology for this type of experience due to its great impact and versatility. AR/VR actions can be performed on mobile devices, totems and even VR headsets. These actions can also be carried out in interactive gymkhanas around the city or also on a large scale in outdoor advertising (D.O.O.H, digital out of home) or in the physical store itself with photocalls, shop windows and interactive fitting rooms. Marketing actions such as the one carried out by Disney to promote one of the latest films in the Star Wars saga. When fans pass in front of the glass, they are automatically transformed into characters from the story.


Financial services: crypto & web3

Banking and financial services is another of the business sectors that will be most transformed by the arrival of Extended Reality and Metaverse technologies. Not only because of the irruption of cryptocurrencies (digital coins) that will change transactions at international level, but also because of the entry of the users themselves into this virtual world. These currencies will be an important part of the new interactions in the Metaverse and Extended Reality: virtual money to spend in virtual spaces (to buy products for the two worlds: the real and the digital). In this new economic ecosystem, banks and financial institutions must lead the change with new spaces, training and personalized services so that the human and relational component is not lost in the new digital economy.

Extended Reality has significant potential and offers numerous opportunities in various fields. However, it also presents challenges that must be addressed to take full advantage of its technological benefits. To determine the viability of implementing Extended Reality in a specific company, it is recommended to consult experts to evaluate the best Extended Reality options tailored to the business needs.


At Imascono, we address the challenges of Extended Reality for enterprises by providing technical expertise and a creative approach to experience design. Our goal is to help companies overcome barriers and take full advantage of the benefits of XR in their operations and customer service. Contact us and we will take your project to infinity and beyond!


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