COUNCILBOX: Use Case of Generative Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain Applied To Corporate Meetings

COUNCILBOX: Use Case of Generative Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain Applied To Corporate Meetings

Large corporate meetings generate high volumes of data and information, but this is difficult to process and use to generate knowledge, since the minutes and recordings do not facilitate automated processing, as the information is unstructured.


When holding a meeting with multiple attendees, such as a Shareholders’ Meeting, where different topics are discussed and decisions are made, in order to analyze what happened and relate it to other sources of information, it would be useful to generate transcriptions from audio to text that could be used as a basis for the analysis:


  • Elaborate summaries
  • Generate lists of key words and topics addressed.
  • Be able to answer questions in natural language about what happened in the meeting.
  • Relate the topics addressed to applicable legislation or regulation


How to maintain the privacy, confidentiality and traceability of what is shared in Corporate Meetings and take advantage of today’s AI capabilities?

The use of standard AI products on the audio of a meeting to structure, categorize and process the information to make it reusable raises concerns in terms of data privacy and confidentiality. In addition, the inherent possibility of AI to generate Deep Fakes or manipulate transcripts requires that these functionalities be controlled by the organization holding the Meeting.


In this type of meeting, it is not only important to generate new content to be able to efficiently analyze what happened, but it is also essential to guarantee the non-repudiation of the decisions taken.


To achieve all this, the optimal scenario is to have a unique product, with the highest certifications and guarantees of physical and legal security, which integrates AI technology for the generation of structured content from audio, with a conversational interface based on PLN, and Blockchain for full traceability of what happened in the meeting and even to prevent manipulation of the content generated by the virtual assistant.


Councilbox, a Spanish startup working in the LegalTech and GovTech sectors, has developed NAVIRO, now in experimental prototype phase, to respond to this need. The R&D project has been co-funded by, the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and NextGenerationEU funds and, once commercialized, it is expected to evolve to analyze and generate content in other languages, in addition to the initially developed Spanish.


If you want to know more about NAVIRO, you can do so at

Jesús Martínez
Jesús Martínez


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