Banco Sabadell: A strong focus in the Americas

Banco Sabadell: A strong focus in the Americas

Banco Sabadell, established in 1881, is Spain’s fourth largest banking group. With a presence in the Americas for over 30 years, the bank’s Miami Branch was established in 1993, followed by the opening of representative offices in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, and New York. In 2015, the bank obtained a banking license in Mexico and it now holds a significant presence in this country as well.


With over $14 billion in total business volume, Banco Sabadell, Miami Branch’s focus in the Americas is twofold: building a strong private banking franchise and growing a corporate banking division with a US focus, catering mainly to the financial and operational needs of our clients, supporting their growth and expansion in the region.


Corporate and Investment Banking: tailor-made solutions for our clients


Banco Sabadell’s Miami Branch Corporate and Investment Banking team handles a business volume of over $6.6 billion. The branch primarily serves US corporations and subsidiaries of Spanish groups, leveraging strong historical relationships. It acts as a geographical hub offering a variety of corporate services such as credit, treasury, operations, and deposits.


The team serves as a wholesale banking unit for the Americas, providing clients with sector-specific relationship managers and product experts. This ensures a high-quality, personalized approach for clients. Sophisticated products such as global trade financing and supply chain financing, with factoring and confirming capabilities, complement traditional transactional banking and treasury services. These offerings help clients improve working capital efficiency and manage cross-border risks.


The Miami Branch also provides specialized lending capabilities for project financing, commercial real estate, and hospitality sectors, managed by experienced professionals. This includes products such as project financing for infrastructure and renewable energy projects, corporate lending for short and long-term financing, structured financing often tied to capital expenses needs, and commercial real estate and hospitality facilities and loans.


A key partner for Spanish businesses


By combining a customized US relationship and a wide range of product services, and at the same time, facilitating a seamless international coordination with our Bank’s network in Spain, Banco Sabadell, Miami Branch has become an essential ally of Spanish corporate groups in the Americas. It provides a one-stop-shop corporate structure for Spanish clients in the US, offering services to a large number of subsidiaries of small, medium-sized, and large IBEX 35 companies.


This comprehensive support enables Banco Sabadell to be a key partner for Spanish groups expanding their business in the region, helping international clients with operational flow, treasury, and cash management needs, as well as financing for the setup and expansion of its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Jesús Martínez
Jesús Martínez


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