Custom Events

Flexibility is the main premise we have in the chamber with our clients. That is why, in addition to the general events that we organize periodically throughout the year, we have the ability to organize any type of event that is necessary, in order to adjust to the needs of all.

Elvira Marcos Salazar: Consul for Tourism Affairs & Director of The Tourist Office of Spain in Miami,  Esther Calvo: International Manager – Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Juan Carlos Pereira:  Executive Director Spain-US Chamber of Commerce

Example of Custom event by the Spain-US Chamber

Madrid Seven Stars: A luxury shopping destination

Informative Session + Business Breakfast where they went over a brand-new approach to shopping and learn more about innovative shopping itineraries in Madrid, with a special focus on fashion and the latest trends. 

This event was an opportunity to discover new and inspiring high-end shopping routes enveloped by the superb gastronomy, history, and culture of Madrid.

Other services provided: Catering, Audiovisuals, Chamber staff in charge of the organization, etc.

Madrid Seven Stars: A luxury shopping destination

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