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MAY 24. 11:00 AM EST 5:00pm CET
Revolutionizing Construction Projects Through Reality Capture and Digitization

Join us to learn how to revolutionize your construction projects with Reality Capture’s digital solutions and processes! Discover the latest techniques and strategies that will help you enhance the day-to-day running of your construction projec


Carlos Osorio

Esq. Partner | Osorio

Xavier Rubio

Esq. Associate Attorney | Osorio

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March 22th

11:00 AM EST 5:00pm CET

Unlocking the Power of OpenAI in Business

In this webinar we will talk about Open AI for enterprise organizations; we will show business leaders and professionals, how to use Open AI technology to enhance their operations with software tools they already own and use.


Attendees will learn how to leverage existing software tools and utilize OpenAI technology to enhance their operations. We will explore the benefits of AI for visionary companies, the various applications of OpenAI in the corporate world, and best practices for implementation.



Mario lópez

VP & Chief Innovation Officer Bravent


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