Tasters: A Spanish Wine Importer Celebrating One Year in Florida’s Market

Tasters: A Spanish Wine Importer Celebrating One Year in Florida’s Market

A Leading Spanish Wine Importer Expands Its Reach Across the United States

Tasters celebrates its first anniversary in the Florida market. As leaders in importing Spanish wines, we know that a toast tastes better in company. Therefore, below we tell you our secrets to bring the best flavors and aromas of Spain to the great wine lovers in the United States.


Join us to learn about the beginnings of this successful journey


The company began its journey in Texas in 2017, making its first shipments and carefully selecting Spanish wineries that produce high-quality wines, many of which were not previously available in the US market. By focusing on authenticity and quality, Tasters has earned a solid reputation as a reliable importer of Spanish wines.

Joaquín Patilla, one of the founders and current CEO of the company, describes Florida as one of those markets «where you have to be.» His vision and leadership have been instrumental in the company’s growth and success.


“Entrepreneurship is transforming a passion into a mission with purpose”

Joaquín Patilla, CEO Tasters

Miami: Sales and Logistics Headquarters

For a year now, we have been working on this passion from Miami. A strategic move that has allowed the company to better serve its customers and optimize its operations. And ensuring that Spanish wines reach all wine lovers and professionals in the United States.

“Discovering a good Spanish wine is like finding a friend for life”

Spanish wine is renowned for its diversity and quality. Spain, with its numerous wine regions such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Jumilla, offers a wide range of wine styles that can satisfy all palates. From robust red wines to delicate white wines and refreshing sparkling wines.

Tasters, as a Spanish wine importer has expanded the options available to consumers with varieties that make Spanish wine unique.

Key Points of Focus

  1. Great Selection of Products: Tasters prides itself on its carefully selected wineries, ensuring only the best quality wines are imported. Notable selections include Marta Maté from Bodega del Duero, Cerrón from Jumilla, and Chozas Carrascal from Utiel Requena.
  2. Best Customer Service: This is a cornerstone of Tasters’ business model. As a small company, Tasters can offer personalized service and attention to detail, ensuring that clients receive the best possible experience.
  3. Continuous Improvement of Wine Portfolio: By staying current with trends and consumer preferences, the company ensures that it offers an ever-evolving selection of exceptional wines.

Marketing and Distribution Strategies


The success of Tasters in Florida is linked to  the  implementation of effective marketing and distribution strategies to ensure Spanish wines reach the right consumers. Using a combination of social media campaigns, tasting events, and collaborations with restaurants and wine shops, Tasters has managed to create a significant presence in the market.

Social media has been a powerful tool for Tasters. Through platforms like Instagram the company has showcased its work. They have also allowed Tasters to interact directly with consumers, receiving feedback and adjusting their offerings accordingly.


Wine Tasting Events


One of the highlights of Tasters’s first year in Florida has been organizing wine tasting events. These have not only allowed consumers to try a variety of Spanish wines but also provided the opportunity to learn about the history and production techniques of these wines.

Marta Patilla, Joaquín’s sister and the sales manager, describes the market as very competitive but with high interest and potential for Spanish wines. Her insights and dedication have been key to navigating and thriving in such a dynamic market.

The Future of Tasters


Tasters currently partners with distribution companies in Texas and South Carolina, ensuring a robust supply chain and wider reach. Looking ahead, Tasters aims to expand its distribution network and is actively seeking new partnerships with wine distributors in states like

Marta Patilla, Comercial responsable of Tasters

Georgia, New York, and Michigan. This strategic expansion is designed to bring Spanish wines to an even broader audience across the United States.


“Every glass of Spanish wine that we bring to the United States is a testimony of our commitment to excellence”



Tasters looks to the future with excitement. The company plans to expand its wine portfolio, incorporating more wineries and wine varieties that represent the rich diversity of Spanish viticulture. Additionally, Tasters aims to increase its presence in other states, bringing Spanish wines to an even broader audience in the United States.



Tasters’s commitment to quality and authenticity will remain at the core of its operation. The company will continue to work closely with wineries that share their passion for producing exceptional wines.



“Life is too short to drink mediocre wine”


The first anniversary of Tasters in the Florida market marks a significant milestone in promoting and distributing Spanish wine in the United States. As a dedicated Spanish wine importer, Tasters has introduced an impressive variety of Spanish wines to American consumers and educated a new audience about Spain’s rich winemaking tradition.


The combination of effective marketing strategies, well-organized tasting events, and an unwavering commitment to quality has allowed Tasters to establish itself as a trusted name in the wine world. With ambitious plans for the future, Tasters is poised for continued growth and to keep celebrating the excellence of Spanish wine in the United States.


For those interested in discovering more about Spanish wine, Tasters offers a gateway to an authentic and enriching wine experience.  Do you dare to test us?

Jesús Martínez
Jesús Martínez


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