Empowering companies to address healthcare cost Issues in Florida with SanitasCare

Empowering companies to address healthcare cost Issues in Florida with SanitasCare

Access to affordable healthcare for many is a major struggle, especially in Florida. There are so many residents in Florida that struggle to have affordable quality healthcare. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made great strides in offering healthcare coverage through insurance plans to many but left a gap for some people. At Sanitas, we recognize this gap affects both individuals and companies striving to provide healthcare coverage for their full-time and part-time employees.

Here is some important data regarding healthcare coverage in the workspace:

  • $575 billion are lost each year from sick days.
  • 4 out of 5 employees prefer new benefits over a pay raise.
  • 90% of the employees are concerned about increases in health care costs for individuals.

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Sanitas Introduces SanitasCare as an Employee Benefit

SanitasCare, a Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership, offers a viable solution for many employers striving to remain competitive while providing healthcare coverage for their employees. SanitasCare operates on a subscription model with one of the lowest monthly subscriptions in the marketplace. By offering healthcare at a lower cost and eliminating copays, we have effectively reduced barriers to care for our members. By offering SanitasCare as an employee benefit, companies can provide their employees with access to comprehensive healthcare. This program is structured with a simple monthly membership fee and includes services that an employee would receive at a primary care office.

Our DPC program has been so effective among the members it serves that we have doubled our membership over the last 12 months. Our program is flexible and convenient. We offer extended office hours, same-day appointments, and virtual care options. This accessibility allows employees to seek medical care without disrupting their work schedules, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

These are the services included in our monthly fee:

  • Unlimited primary care visits with $0 copays or visit fees
  • Unlimited telehealth visits with $0 copays or visit fees
  • Unlimited use of the mySanitas App
  • Basic labs (some labs are included in the membership fees)
  • X-rays, Ultrasounds and EKGs
  • Medication discounts
  • Annual flu shots
  • Health and Wellness Coaching

This unique approach not only allows employees access to affordable healthcare but also empowers them to take control of their health and well-being.

Advantages for Employers

Improved Employee Health: Access to comprehensive primary care services can lead to early detection and treatment of health issues, reducing the likelihood of serious complications and long-term health effects. Healthy employees are more productive, engaged, and less likely to take sick days, benefiting both the company and its workforce.

Enhanced Employee Recruitment and Retention: Offering an attractive healthcare benefit, such as SanitasCare, can make companies more competitive in the job market and help attract top talent. Moreover, providing employees with access to affordable healthcare can increase job satisfaction and loyalty, reducing turnover rates and any associated hiring costs.

Invest in your Employees: SanitasCare prioritizes preventive care and wellness, encouraging employees to proactively manage their health through regular wellness exams and screenings. By investing in preventive care, companies can promote a culture of health and wellness within the organization.

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