Dear Members and Friends of the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce,

IESE Business School at the University of  Navarra is pleased to invite you and your guests to the next IESE Alumni & Friends Eventin Miami, on Wednesday January 22.On this occasion we will be welcoming Prof. Javier Estrada and Prof. Pedro Videla, who will be delivering a session entitled:

Economic and Financial Situation and Outlook

Foreign Ambassadors in the U.S. Department of State Experience America Program Keynote Address: Fred P. Hochberg Chairman & President Export-Import Bank of the United States Meet Several Foreign Ambassadors visitin MIami as part of the “Experience America Program” organized by the

Foreign Ambassadors in the U.S. Department of State Experience America Program

Keynote Address: Fred P. Hochberg

Breakfast Briefing with Liliana Ayalde U.S. Department of State Ambassador to Brazil Chamber members with an interest in international business relations and the Brazilian market will have a unique opportunity this month to participate in an interactive breakfast briefing featuring the current United States Ambassador to Brazil, Liliana Ayalde. The January […]

Cocktail de Navidad de la Cámara de Comercio Española Estimado Socio: El Comité Ejecutivo y la Junta Directiva de la  Cámara de Comercio Española les invita al cocktail de Navidad solo para socios. Lunes, 9 Diciembre a las 7:00 PM Este cocktail de Navidad será una gran […]

POSITIVE LEADERSHIP THE CHALLENGE OF TALENT MANAGEMENT IN THE XXI CENTURY These are difficult times. Managers are being asked to lead their people through the challenges of tightening deadlines, increasingly limited resources, constant change, and escalating competition. Lecture by: JOAQUÍN URÍBARRI ZARRANZ, Director of Marketing and International Development Executive Education, IE Business School     The IE […]