The Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit organization recognized by the Spanish Government dedicated to enhancing commercial ties between Spain and the U.S.


The Chamber is an active association of Spanish and non Spanish companies that represent a broad range of goods and services. It creates a forum for commercial and business exchange among members.


  • Promote trade and business relations between Spain and the United States
  • Help Spanish companies to promote their businesses in the United States as well as American companies that want to promote their company in Spain. ( 40% of Spanish companies already have offices in Florida)
  • To promote the Spanish Brand in all aspects of the business world here in Florida
  • To provide useful and up-to-date information about commerce and investments
  • To serve as a business networking platform
  • To inform and notify members of different local events, trade shows, conferences, trade missions and business opportunities to in order to help their business succeed


The specific services available for members of the Spain-United States Chamber of Commerce includes:

  • General information
  • Business information
  • Business support
  • Assistance to visitors
  • Trade missions
  • Commercial guidance
  • Publications
  • Seminars, luncheons and other business meetings
  • Association with other Spanish commercial groups
  • Support with American organizations